Forward ever, backwards never?



Sometimes taking a step back is the only way to make real progress. – Wole Talabi

Over the past two weeks or so, I have found the quote above to be very true. I know now that taking a step back when necessary is not something to be afraid of. Not even when it translates to being seemingly missing in action. As Kurt Vonnegut said, “a step backwards after making a wrong turn, is a step in the right direction.”

One of the amazing things about walking with God is that He reveals your heart to you at almost every turn. Even at times when you manage to lull your conscience to sleep and you convince yourself that “God and I are good“, He will expose the true condition of your heart to you till you can’t but admit (at the very least to yourself), what your motives and priorities are. This has been my reality over the past couple of days. I realised among other things, that I was talking about God more than I was talking to Him and that I was on that very slippery road that’s compromise. And so I had to take a step back. It honestly was not something I consciously set out to do. But looking back now, I see how God orchestrated a series of events to help me see me through His eyes and to draw me back to where I was meant to be, back to where I had convinced myself that I was all this while.

It is important to know what taking a step back is not. Taking a step back does not mean throwing in the towel. It is not doubting the road you’re on. No, it is remembering why you started and where you’re headed. The aim of taking a step back is to reflect on the journey you’re on, realise what you have been doing wrong, establish what needs to be done instead and determine how to act going forward. I for one, have never regretted taking a step back. If anything, it gives more meaning and purpose to the journey.

Whatever journey you’re on, whether academic, spiritual, social or otherwise, don’t be afraid to take a step back when the need arises. Remember that it isn’t only how quickly you finish your race that matters, how you run counts as well. And in case anyone is wondering how to tell when it’s time to head back to the drawing board, I say “listen”. Listen to God, He will surely let you know.

Have a brilliant week!!

6 thoughts on “Forward ever, backwards never?

  1. Amakamedia says:

    Love this post. Thank you. We step back to move forward. Sometimes we take two steps back in order to take twenty forward.

    Walking and working with God’s time is the surest way forward. You couldn’t have said it any better.

    • The graced misfit says:

      Thanks Amaka!! I always look forward to your comments. You’re absolutely right, God is always right on time. May we always walk in tune with His timing, even when it means taking a step back. Have an amazing week.

    • The graced misfit says:

      🙂 Its such a joy to have you around here, T. Let me know how things go with your step back. Thanks for commenting & do come again.

    • The graced misfit says:

      Awww, we thank God. I’m glad you found it useful. I trust that your reflection made the next step (forward or backwards) clear to you. Sending lots of love to you from this side.

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