He loves me!!

Photo cred: Onalenna Ranko

Photo cred: Onalenna Ranko

Hello, hello, hello!! How are you doing? Allow me to start by apologising for going MIA. I could go into “you knows” and “you sees” but I’ll make no excuses. I’m sorry. I’m back. The end. 🙂

I recently spotted a car with an inscription on its rear screen that left me weak! I’ve read and seen far more jaw dropping things but this inscription really hit home because of an experience I had just had at the time. It said … “nice girls go to heaven but bad girls go everywhere.” Now, I’ve dodged MAJOR bullets in the past by choosing God’s way, when the other route seemed all-so-inviting and tempting. I’ve learnt first hand that each one of God’s rules is meant to protect, not restrict us. So when I saw that quote, I was just like, “ha ha ha, riiiiightt!”.

Some people view God as some sort of kill joy who is all about handing down a list of “thou shalls” and “thou shalt nots”. I’ve met a number of people who believe that the christian life is one devoid of any sort of pleasure. A friend of mine once mentioned how sad (she might or might not have used the word cheated), she felt about the fact that she didn’t start a certain relationship before she became a Christian. Now this was a relationship that she knew God would not approve of. She said “I wish I hadn’t dragged my feet, then at least I could have dated him for a bit before saying yes to God.” I couldn’t even side eye her or anything cause I’ve been there before. But I now understand that all God’s commandments are actually blessings because they are designed to secure our best interests.

I pray that this conviction never goes away, that I never forget to remember that God LOVES me. God is not a kill joy, He is the furthest thing from it. In fact, He tells us to keep away from certain things because He loves us and wants to protect our joy. I believe that if only we could just believe that God loves us, we would understand that it is a joy and privilege to walk with Him. We aren’t left out of anything worth while because we are Christians. If we walk according to God’s directions, we will not miss out on anything worth having. Remember that “The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich and He addeth no sorrow to it”.* Be it a relationship, a job, a place, anything at all, if you can not “go there” with Christ, it’s not somewhere you’d want to go, trust me.

God loves you. He loves you. Take a moment and think of that, let it really sink in. I’m talking about love that:

  • existed before we were conceived;
  • died in our place (and this whilst we couldn’t care less about Him);
  • resurrected so that we could too;
  • adopted us into His family and made us co-heirs with Him;
  • is preparing a home for us;
  • sent His Holy Spirit to guide us and teach us all things;
  • is jealous for us; and yet grants us the free will to choose whether to reciprocate His love or not.

How does this love reconcile with someone who wants to stop us from having a good time?

It’s unfortunate that words have been so travialised these days. We love our families, love the colour of the carpet in our living rooms, love that beige dress we spotted at the store, love the meme we stumbled upon on the net, love the design of the flats coming up in town. Love has become such a common word. It is important that we go back to its origin, back to the One who is love. Only when we understand what love is and who it is that loves us, will we be able to love Him back. To love Him the way He has asked to be loved, which is by obeying His commandments. When we understand that God loves us, we will obey Him wholeheartedly and without a second thought. And we’ll comprehend the fact that even when we do not understand, we can trust Him.

 May we always be satisfied in Christ and in the knowledge that He is the best there is.

Have an amazing week!

*Proverbs 10:22

6 thoughts on “He loves me!!

  1. Amakamedia says:

    Aha! Finally! Countless times have I checked to see if any new post was up. Glad you’re back, sweets. Ore-ofe . . . I love your name. Did I tell you? 🙂

    Now to the post. First, I must say I enjoyed reading every word. I mean every word. This resonates “God is not a kill joy”. Sometimes it feels like God deliberately want us to suffer (i for one have accused God many times), but I get consolation from Psalm 37. Everytime it feels like those who are not “Christians” get the blessings, testimonies and all, I go back to the scripture. We can only hold God by His words. Abi na?

    Thank you so much for hitting on that major point: GOD LOVES ME!!!

  2. The graced misfit says:

    Thanks for the warm welcome! 🙂 🙂
    Yes, you did tell me! But I can never hear it enough. haha. Thank you, creative one toh bad! Lol.
    You know I ALWAYS look forward to your comments, right? I’m really glad you enjoyed the post. Yes, that Psalm is one I too have to remind myself of quite often. Good thing we know our God is not a liar. & When we are patient, we actually see the Word play out in our lives.
    You’re welcome, Amaka. & Thank YOU. 🙂

    • The graced misfit says:

      Yayyyy right back at you!! 🙂 Its exciting to have you here, Uju.
      I’m glad you liked the post. Thanks for reading and for leaving a comment.

    • The graced misfit says:

      Awww, Frances!! I’m doing well, thanks for stopping by.
      Trust all is great on your side too? Heading over to catch up and read all about the new book.
      Stay amazing! xxx

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