Misfit on a Mission

One thing all believers have in common is that we all received a ring. We were all called from darkness into God’s marvellous light. Check out 1 Peter 2:9 and this AH-MA-ZING  spoken word piece for more on this. We are all called to bring glory to God, in fact we were created for this.

We were called to one God and we all have one ultimate goal – His glory alone. However, every believer has a task specific to him or her. There is a special something God has set aside for you to do. We were made for a purpose, saved for a purpose and we are alive for a purpose. Nothing God does is random or without purpose and meaning. My mom told me the other day that “the only sure way to measure success is by asking if you have become what God made you to be.” I totally agree.

Knowing one’s purpose is extremely important. Our purpose goes beyond our profession. Profession ideally should be a means to achieving one’s purpose but there is more to the matter. We’ll talk more on that in future posts, God willing. For now, suffice it to say that if you want to know God’s purpose for your life, you need to ask Him. He knows, He created you! So He is the best person to tell you why He chose to create you. I do not believe discovering that one’s purpose is something that can be accomplished in a rush. You need to be prepared to wait on God. I’m talking that distraction free space, pen and paper in hand kind of waiting. 🙂 If you genuinely want to know what your purpose is and you are committed to working at fulfilling it, God will surely reveal it to you. Fortunately for us, God is not like king Nebuchadnezzar who asked his magicians to interpret his dream but refused to tell them what the dream was and threatened to kill them if they failed to interpret his dream correctly. LOL. You can read all about that in Daniel 2.

Once God reveals your purpose to you, face it. Not in your own power (it won’t work), but with the power of the Holy Spirit. Don’t distract yourself by examining the lives of other believers and wondering why they are not living in line with the call you received. This really hit home for me a few days ago when I read John 21:21 – 22. In the preceding verses, Jesus had just informed Peter of His mission.  Peter then turns around, sees John, the disciple Jesus loved and asks “But Lord, what about this man?” Hahaha. I found that quite amusing. Especially because so often, I’m guilty of doing the exact same thing. Seeking to compare my mission to that of others. Wanting to know what God is demanding from the next person when He asks me to do a particular thing. Jesus’ reply to Peter is apt. He said “If I will that he remain til I come, what is that to you? You follow Me.” GBAM! LOL. Jesus said it all, really.

At the end of the day, we must remember that we will all give account to God. With that in mind we should seek to please Him before all others. May we all discover our purpose and labour at it while we can. May we all hear Him say to us “well done, good and faithful servant.” Amen?


10 thoughts on “Misfit on a Mission

  1. Jade says:

    If we truly grasp the magnitude of this subject matter it’s worth dropping all else to focus on. It’s no use increasing your speed only to discover you are facing the wrong direction. The earlier we know where we are going the better.

  2. Frances Okoro says:

    Amen? Amen! Amen to that!

    This year I knew was my “walkinginpurpose year and God has been awesome with all He has been doing.
    I went through the no food, bible, biro and paper too and still need to do that from time to time. Cuz God will continue to open new pathways to us when we step out to walk in purpose in Him.
    Nothing else compares to walking in God’s plan for our lives and I pray that we don’t miss it in Jesus name, amen.

    Ps: my second book is on purpose : 10Steps To Walking In Purpose 🙂

  3. The graced misfit says:

    Yay! That’s encouraging. I’m looking forward to hearing more testimonies of all God is doing. 🙂
    Yes, those *drop all and face God* sessions are very necessary, not to mention refreshing. I like what you said about God opening new doors for us when we make the intentional move to serve Him. It’s so true! *snaps fingers*
    Amen! May we never stray from the path God has prepared for us.
    Now that’s a book I’m looking forward to reading. I plan to read your first one in the next few days.

    • The graced misfit says:

      & Amen!

      Ps: Have I been spelling your name wrongly all this while? Yeah neh. 🙂 Thanks for reading and for leaving a comment!

  4. D'dream says:

    Lovely blog you got. I can sense God witty glory around you. Your writeup truly reflect your conviction. It can be truly hard to be truly a disciple of Jesus when it seems you are the odd one.

    I read a quote a few days ago.it goes like this

    “Dont live just to make money, live to make an impact”.

    I know the road aint being smooth as i keep drawing back abit every now and then but God is been faithful


    • The graced misfit says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words, D’dream, they mean a lot.

      That quote is quite on point, we should see the bigger picture in all we do.

      I know, I KNOW! The christian walk is far from easy but God is faithful!! One of my favorite artist once said “The christian life is not a piece of heaven on earth but praise God, we get the peace of heaven on earth”. Quite apt hey?
      Stay blessed and keep fighting the good fight.

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