On Gratitude and Beginnings

Thanksgiving is always a good place to start.

And so it is only right that I begin by thanking all who made it possible for  this blog to become a reality.

My first “thank you” goes to God for His incomparable patience with me. I see it in so many ways, every day. A relevant example is the way He doesn’t give up on me on account of the many opportunities He gave me and I didn’t take. I have a terrible habit of procrastinating and it irritates even me, most times. You see, I have been blogging in my head for almost two years now. From time to time, I’d say to myself “I should probably write something on that, it just might help another believer and it would be useful to read on days when I need to be reminded of lessons God has already taught me.” But things would end there. But God did not give up on me. So I’m grateful to Him for this opportunity to share my journey, I do not take it lightly at all. Even if just one person is encouraged by something shared here, I believe that would be a big accomplishment.

I’m grateful for all the awesome people God has blessed me with. They listened to me even when I wasn’t listening to myself. And they followed me up on things I said, even those said absentmindedly. I’ll start with Dee, God’s special gift to me. She was there at the beginning, when I started to dream the right type of dreams, when I first considered starting a blog. She was also the first one to call me The Graced Misfit, the only one apart from myself who does, until now. Thank you Dee, for sharing your dreams, your story and your heart with me. and for always encouraging me to work towards accomplishing great things for God.

There are so many reasons to be thankful for the blessing epitomised in my Mommy. For one, she never for one moment let me feel comfortable with the way I kept procrastinating on starting up the blog. And she consistently sets such a good example for me on what it means to be a disciple of Christ in a world that glorifies self, and everything un-Christlike. I love you Mom.

I will always be grateful for Jeff, one of the most friendly souls I know. I met him at a conference a few months ago. We got to talking and I mentioned to him that I wanted to start a blog sometime. He made me set a deadline for myself and nagged (his words not mine) me until I just had to follow through. Again I say thank you Jeff, for not allowing me the luxury of not working towards my goals.

And of course I have to thank my friend Lenna for never failing to cut through every excuse I give not to do my best. And for giving me no rest until the blog became active. I mean, there would be a group conversation going on and Lenna would randomly say something along these lines: “Guys, The Graced Misfit is starting a blog soon. Has she told you about it?” LOL. In light of the above, how could I not ‘advise myself’ and do the necessary?

And to every single friend of mine; the ones I know in real life and the bloggers (and their followers) who are my friends in my head who I have come to regard as my friends, thank you for shining your light. Marianne Williamson was right, by letting your light shine you gave me the courage to do my bit too. And lastly but definitely not least, thank you to YOU for stopping by and for reading.

I’d love to hear what and who you are especially thankful for right now. Leave a comment below, will you?

10 thoughts on “On Gratitude and Beginnings

  1. KAM says:

    I love this! Its began ‘Finally!’
    And Marianne was right, shinning gives the ones around us permission to do so.
    Perhaps a collabo/feature next.

    • The graced misfit says:

      Yep, you can say that again, ‘Finally!’ 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, and for everything.
      Sounds interesting! We sure should talk about that.

  2. Anonymous Chick says:

    It all begins with a step. Glad you’ve taken that step.

    I’m also grateful to God for His Grace & Tolerance! It’s amazing how He never give up on us in spite of how many times we mess up. Thank God He alone is God.

    I’m thankful for life, salvation, family, health, friends, provision, protection and for hope……. Too many countless things to be thankful for.

    Bookmarking your page now

    • The graced misfit says:

      Thanks dear Anon, I’m very glad I took this step too.
      I feel you, one really has to be thankful that God is not man. We’d be long done!
      May God bless you with even more reasons to be thankful.
      I’m so thankful for your support! 🙂

  3. Jade says:

    Wow! Do not despise little beginnings. Stay with it and even the sky will not be able to limit you. Congratulations! Let’s see more of this.

  4. Frances Okoro says:

    I’m lying on my bed, replying emails I haven’t gotten to before now and reading this, I have to stop and actually think about what I am grateful for right now…

    I am grateful for my life. This might be cliche but it’s the truth, I am grateful for my life, for the life God has given to me.
    I am grateful for peace.
    I am grateful for joy, for the ability to laugh when I praise Him/talk to Him, for the joy that’s in His presence.
    I am grateful for the fingers I am using to type this, I am grateful that someone else-you is joining up to shine forth her light through writing for God.
    Welcome!! Whoop whoop!

  5. The graced misfit says:

    Trust me, it’s not cliche, I’M grateful for your life and all that God is doing through you. Thanks for the love, it’s overwhelming. 🙂 Stay awesome. xxx

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