September’s lessons

Photo cred: TGM and Dee. :-)

Photo cred: TGM and Dee.

Hiya!! Happy belated new month!

I was quite unsure whether I should put up this post up seeing how September ended five days ago. But my chief human adviser (I’ll leave it to you to guess who that is, Lol) reminded me that “better late than never”. So here we are. 🙂

September… For a month that flew by and barely seemed to last three days (true story, guys), it’s quite ironic that what God kept telling me during the month was: “Wait. Don’t fret, don’t rush, just trust. Rest in Me. Wait for Me.” September was one of the most intense months I’ve lived through. It was also one of the most peaceful times of my life. I got to see the “peace of God that surpasses all understanding” play out in my life. I finally understand the value of standing still and not rushing ahead of God. I’ll confess, at times I almost got worried about the fact that I was not worried. At times I felt like I needed to do something. And at each of those times God told me, “here’s something you can do: trust and pray”.

Another lesson September brought me is we should always be mindful of the golden rule. I realised that I place much emphasis on what I dislike but I often do not take the extra step to make sure that such things are absent in my actions. A ready example is how I dislike being kept waiting but I often don’t keep to time. It’s not the easiest thing to admit to but it’s true. So I’m shifting the focus from things like: “I don’t like when you cancel plans at the last minute” to “I will not flake out on people and expect them to understand because ‘life is hectic’ and ‘things come up’ “. Yes, I’m putting this out there so please do keep me accountable. And to everyone concerned, I’m truly sorry for the times I’ve acted up in the past.

The last lesson I’ll share is that sometimes the best way to pursue peace is by standing still. Yup, once again, the issue about not being in a rush comes up. During this month, the messages at church were focused on Hebrews 12:14. It reads: “Pursue peace with all men, as well as holiness, without which no one will see the Lord.” When we examined the peace aspect of that verse, we learnt that the very fact that we are to pursue peace means its elusive and we should do all that is in our power to maintain peace in our relationships. For some reason the image that created in my head was peace taking off and us running after it at full speed. Lol.

That very week I was faced with somebody who took offense at something I did in a particular situation. Now I knew for a fact that I had done nothing wrong. Still offense was taken and I was getting some very non-peaceful vibes. I debated at length with myself – should I speak to this person and ask what the issue is or should I just carry face and ignore the whole thing? The vibes I was getting convinced me that if I brought up the situation a fight would surely ensue. I decided to pray about it and say nothing. Well the prayers did work and the peace was restored without me saying a word. I just accepted the apology that was given and we moved on. So now I know that not every time RUN after peace, sometimes you just gats to be still and hold your peace. As the Bible says, “wisdom is profitable to direct.”

That’s it guys, I hope my lessons are useful to you as well. I’m so very excited about the month of October and I can hardly wait to see all that God has in store for us this month. I’m interested in knowing what lessons you learnt in September and what your dreams for October are. Do leave a comment below and let me know.

8 thoughts on “September’s lessons

  1. Amakamedia says:

    Wai . . . t! wait. wait. I have to confess I didn’t read up this post till the end. I kept guessing and wondering who your “chief human adviser” is. You have just fired up my curious mind. Please, tell me before I cry. Lol.

    Who is your chief human adviser??

    • The graced misfit says:

      Hahahaha!! This comment lightened up my afternoon.
      So that’s all you saw eh? Kontinue o.. If you really want to know you’d guess then I’ll tell you if you’re right or not. Lol.

      • Amakamedia says:

        Aha! When intelligent people like you ask a question, one might need to make a research to have a broader view. Lol. How did it happen that you didn’t mention the gender of this human specie? Hmmm . . . now you see what I mean.

        OK. Here are my two guesses.
        1. The human is a male
        2. He is your erm . . . dad. No, elder brother.

        I have tried. Now talk o

        • The graced misfit says:

          Hahahaha!! You’re so funny. Very random guesses you’ve got there, I wonder what methodology you used to arrive at them? You get some points for trying sha. I’ll email you – lets not spoil things for any other person who also wants to guess… lol. Have a fabulous day!! May 10+ people bring laughter to you today just as you did to me yesterday. xx

  2. Jade says:

    Wow! Be confident of this very thing,that He,who has began a good work in you will perfect it unto the day of Jesus Christ.
    We are all in proceess.

    • The graced misfit says:

      Hehe, you don’t sound very convinced about the not chasing peace issue:-)
      Thanks for the suggestion.
      You’re welcome! Thanks for reading and for leaving a comment.

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