Six Months Later…



I was chatting with a dear friend over the weekend and she mentioned that she hoped I was doing great. I wasn’t sure about the “great” part and so my answer was “well, I’m doing”. We laughed about my response and it was quickly forgotten. However, days later I realised that I had lied.

I am NOT doing. I’ve been thinking about doing, talking about doing, planning all that I would do and basically doing everything but doing!

I’m not sure if that made sense but well … yeah. That has been me over the past six months.

I have had bouts of inspiration and energy, particularly when my priorities were right. I’ve also had (long) periods of being completely lethargic. There were angels who sent me emails / messages and left comments on the blog to check on me and to ask about my writing (or should I say the lack thereof).

For the emails, comments and messages that went unanswered, I am truly sorry. I have no excuses. And I will make it a point to respond.

Allow me to say from the bottom of my heart, may God bless every one of you. y’all know yourselves. 🙂

Something particularly interesting happened on 6th November 2016.

Sometime in August I wrote an “about me” post on Tope’s blog. One of her blog readers, Bisola, commented that she would be coming to Botswana. We agreed to meet up during her visit. She came through in November and we decided to hang out over ice-cream. People, we just “clicked” instantly! We talked about so much – blogs and blogging, work, natural hair (but of course), relationships, family, you name it. Along the way she asked me, “wait, how old are you?”. I told her. She answered “Oh ok, me too”. Then I said “when’s your birthday? And she said “Oh mine’s in May”

Me: really? Me too. When in May?

Bisola: the 19th

Me: *laughs*Be serious joor, when’s your birthday?

Bisola: I’m serious, 19th May.

Me: *stares with grin on my face*

Bisola: wait …

Yep, you can guess what happened next.

I met my twin, guys! Hahaha. It was all very exciting, especially because she’s such a FUN person. She’s very wise too! I couldn’t have picked a better twin. LOL.

We kinda look alike too. Don't think so? come onnn!

We kinda look alike too. Don’t think so? Come onnn!


I’ve learnt so much this year. Some lessons were quite painful, the kind they say changes you. But that’s a story for another day. I’ll share one of my favourite lessons thus far.

Be intentional

I have realised that most of the instability in my christian walk and my life in general was due to my lack of attention. I have rededicated my life to Christ and decide to follow Him wholeheartedly and consciously and I’m seeing changes already. 🙂 Being intentional about praying, reading the Bible, meditating on it, reading christian literature and so on goes a long way in improving one’s relationship with God and in turn, the overall state of one’s life.

So friends, be intentional about life, why you’re here, what you want to have accomplished when your time’s up. Have an overriding purpose for your life and be conscious of it always. Decide to be intentional about everything you do. For example, if you’re going to talk to someone, don’t do it absent-mindedly, even if it’s a five-minute conversation. You never know who you will encourage with ‘just’ one well thought out sentence. This will help you to make the most out of every moment and cut out distractions. The quality of your relationships will improve too.

Thank me later.



What do you think of the blog’s new look? I like it better than the old one but I’m not completely sure if it’s The One. Hehehe. I’m still tweaking a few things and keeping an eye out for a theme I might like better. Please do make suggestions!

Happy happy new month, good people!! May this month be one of joy and victory for you and yours!

21 thoughts on “Six Months Later…

  1. Lizzieebunoluwa says:

    Perhaps you just wrote my story…parts of it at least and I’m thankful.
    I’m even more thankful for the intentional progress you’re experiencing and what’s more? Your twin!!!
    See ehn, God was certainly intentional when He made humans and designed the rich, beautiful art of relationships. It’s too important.
    Cheers to beautiful, seasonal friendships!

    Grace and Strength is multiplied to you, dear.

    Keep “doing” the purposeful life.

    • The graced misfit says:

      Thank you so much for your rich and encouraging message, Lizzie! It means so much to me.
      I love what you said about how God was clearly international in creating us and the art relationships. It’s so true!
      May God richly bless you.
      Thanks again for the beautiful message. ☺☺

  2. Temitope Omotosho says:

    Yaaaayyyyy! Good to have you back 🙂 You’re right .we have to be intentional about reading our bibles and praying. God grant me the grace. It’s definitely something I need to work on especially with the new year coming. To start things right. God bless you sis. 🙂

    • The graced misfit says:

      I couldn’t have asked for a warmer welcome. ☺
      Yes, we need to start the year on the right note. We will do just that by God’s grace.
      Thank you so much and may God bless you too.x

  3. Naturalgirlonabudget says:

    Been waiting for a post since forever.. I know how it feels to have a twin from another mum! I have one too.. She’s spectacular.. On being intentional, I was just thinking about something similar before I read this post.. How I’ll like to make a conscious effort to always observe my quiet time with God.. May God help us..
    Please try to write more. xx

    • Alos/Abisola says:

      Madam!! you are officially my blog crush and inspiration/hairspiration….I love your blog so much. chai. Ore-ofe and I spent more than 30 minutes talking about blogs and yours was the most brought up. I was showing her my wigs that i had made this year and crotchet braids…hehehehehe. I just want to say thank you for having a lovely blog .
      Ore-ofe’s Twinny…
      PS you bloggers make me want to start a Christian and hair blog sometime soon

    • The graced misfit says:

      I’d love to read more about your twin sometime. ☺
      Is she a DIY Queen too?

      We thank God for confirmation! God will surely help us.

      Thanks for the constant support. I’m working on being more consistent.

      God bless you, Ella.xx

  4. Alos/Abisola says:

    *Clears throat*…now I can put up that ‘ My twin never forgets my birthday’ picture I stole from someone in social media. …hehehe…*twinny in the building!! *fans self * sits was AWESOME meeting you Ore-Ofe.

    Honestly your blog readers have no idea how cool you are in person. And such an amazing woman after God’s heart. I love that our conversation was seasoned with salt/we always brought up something God related without meaning to. plus our life stories were so similar…

    On this post I just want to say you reminded me to be more intentional about my relationship with God…the year is coming to an end and I have just gotten comfortable in excluding Him on major aspects of my live/even the little things in the last few months. That seriously needs to change…thanks for the post. 🙂

    • The graced misfit says:


      I’ve already started planning for our birthday next year. I can hardly wait to see what God will do. 😋

      Your comment made me so happy and all mushy inside! You’re too kind.

      YES, I totally loved how all our conversations went God-wards without us even trying. It was just fantastic. You’re amazing, B! I pray we get to hang out again soon.

      I pray you achieve your goal to be more intentional about your relationship with God. I’m looking forward to hearing the testimonies and everything.x

  5. Adaeze says:

    She’s back! I imagine I’ve begun two or three comments with that phrase on your blog- don’t go AWOL again.
    I didn’t know you lived in Botswana… Interesting!
    It’s just occurring to me that I don’t know much about you, will have to research and send you many emails…
    You found your twin? that’s so cool and I think there’s a slight resemblance too :-p

    • The graced misfit says:

      Haha. I can’t even say much, I don’t have the best reputation when it comes to consistency around these parts. 🙈
      Thanks for not giving up on me.☺ I’ll try hard to be better.
      PLEASE do send the many emails! I’ll be sending one of my own soon.
      I knew I wasn’t seeing things! Thanks for confirming the resemblance. 😁😁

  6. Samuel Tshilombo says:

    You’re back and you have a twin!!!!!😀
    Thanks for the encouragement Grace. Being intentional really is all that there is do it at times, especially in our walk with God.

    “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step”- Martin Luther King

    #Gra’Sam 😊

    • The graced misfit says:

      Yep yep, being intentional is definitely the first step and many times the most important.
      Thanks for sharing that quote, it’s so spot on!
      I miss you, Sammy. I’m so glad you’re doing great.
      Hahaha @ #grasam
      Good times! ☺☺

    • The graced misfit says:

      Your kind heart always throws me off guard for a bit (each time you reply to my comments on your blog and now). You’re so nice! THANK YOU.
      Cheers to being incredibly intentional in 2017! I’m excited to see it all play out.

  7. Xceptional43 says:

    My tagline for 2017 is to ‘live deliberately,” and your talked about being intentional. It’s a timely reminder for me to be deliberate no matter what, thanks.
    As for your twin, you both wear glasses. That just made you guys even more twiny.

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